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A little of David’s personal background:

I’m 1 of 6 children. Dad was a coal miner and Mom, after deciding we kids were getting old enough to sort ourselves out, got a job in the local cookie (biscuit) factory – it was every school boy’s dream! We never went without though, although hand me down clothes were the norm. And, although we lived in social housing, we were in a quite pleasant area. Of course, that was in the 50s and early 60s when life was different to what it is today.

It was while delivering my morning news round before school – to homes that were much nicer than the ones where I lived (and privately owned too) – I decided that I had to do something different to ensure that I too could enjoy a better way of life as I got older.

Although I didn’t go the the best local senior school I was fortunate in that the one subject I was good at was mathematics. And, with the help of a number of people for whom I am grateful, after leaving school with not very good grades, I got in to an office job at a local factory working in accountancy. Later, after a few failures in my part-time studies and examination retakes, I eventually qualified aged 24 (3 years later than I should have).

I spent 5 years with a British construction company (Balfour Beatty) as a management accountant before having the huge opportunity to become a management consultant with PriceWaterhouseCoopers – for those of you who don’t know they are one of the world’s largest international accountancy businesses.

Two years later I left to go in to “selling” for Sun Life of Canada promoting their financial services products. However, after 9 years there the desire to have my own business (of any kind!) got the better of me.

Founded in 1990, my very first business venture is still going strong today and you can view its website at http://www.willdrafters.com It is a legal Will writing service (in the UK, based in London) and recently we have reached the tremendous milestone of 100,000 customers.

I’ve been in business now for over 20 years and during that time across my range of businesses I have employed up to 120 staff over 7 offices at any one time. However, the one thing I have learnt over the years, however, is that sales (turnover) does not equal profits.

Now, with just one office and around 40 staff members – half of whom work from home – I make much more money with far less hassle. That’s because, apart from having a great team, with the advent of the internet, cloud computing, remote workers, outsourcing opportunities and etc. “working smarter not harder” has become my new mantra.

And, I hope that with the help of SimpleSimon.co “working smarter not harder” will become your mantra too!


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